Since 2013

Ceiling & Sky

We started in 2013 and have come a long way in supporting the freedom of creativity and expression. Of course, it is all thanks to the amazing people who have been engaged and collaborated to build the whole concept. A large thanks goes to the magnificent workshops that have given the possibility for people to attend and create from all over the world. We have had participants from China, Japan, Finland, Australia, South Africa to name a few of the exotic ones. All have praiced the good availability of materials and tools that have reinforced the space that we created.

Prejudice is a barrier that is common in all of us humans, that’s why we also took the mission to break all such ways of thinking, only embracing those who dared to think new and different. While respecting experience of those who participated, we equally wanted to make that experience something that is for everyone. The result were of course totally unpredictable, which made it all much more fun.

Since 2013, we wanted to thank all the amazing people behind the scenes and on the stage of creating all the astounding art and architecture over the years. In fact, we could never thank you all enough.