IFAC 2013 Goals & Motives

Wooden Junction

We strongly believe in having a clear motive, as well as a goal in construction. This does come with a warning however. Because we have seen so many architects just sticking to the one thing, and refusing to change their style even after finding out that it might not be the most benefitial. For us, change is always an important element of design.. one which even us who embrace it have a difficult time with. But it’s exactly the reason that we are ready to change whenever we find our ways going to the wrong direction. It takes a lot of discipline and even courage to face oneself and the authorities breathing down your neck.

It’s really an endless battle between those who fund architectural projects and those who create them. One thing of course is that there needs to be balance between the two, and whoever is behind the project needs to respect the wishes of the paying customer. But this should never be a one way situation, and in fact we feel that the goals and motives should be the baseline of the work. If they match with the client, then work can start with a gracefull pace.

But then comes to financial motive, which makes us work for projects that don’t exactly fit the motive why we started in the profession in the first place. That’s why even that needs to be balanced out.. as everything it seems. So what can one do to tackle with so many issues and keep them in a good harmonious path all the time. At the IFAC 2013 we gave this issue a lot of thought since we want to encourage architects to make something that they are passionate about.

Over the course of so many years and so many mistakes, the answers were right in front of us. In those very mistakes are the answers, and ever since we have even encourage people to do them. Only that way one can find the right path, because each one is extremely individual. This must be the goal of the architect, one that takes the career to heights never seen before that everyone can enjoy because we can say..

Creativity has blossomed. Artistic beauty is here.

Those are the humble, yet ambitious Goals & Motives of the IFAC.

Practical to Ecological

Ecologic Construction

In todays world, we have a so called “green revolution” going on. Where people focus on producing things in an ecologic way so as to bring a more benefitial way of living to the world. While all this is something that is greatly needed in our world, it does have it’s problems. In fact, such approach has huge limitations in actually bringing architecture back into it’s natural and ecological form.

By boxin onself into the concept of ecology, there are limits to what you can do and how much of an influece you can have on the world. Instead, we believe that we should be focusing on mattes that really matter to all of us in the world. Rather than creating divition, we should be creating unity. And what better way, than education that is benefitial for everyone. From industry leaders, to corporate owners, or even individual carpenters.

We do this, by not having an ecological approach but a practical one. Because we truly believe that practical is ecological by nature and you don’t need to even put that much thought into the ecology of it. In stead, when one realises that practical sollutions are better for us in so many ways.. and that the currect consctruction industry is far from anything practical. It is exactly that realasation, that we can connect with and everyone has the potential to understand.

And this is not thinking less of anyone. In fact, this is something I believe to more of an natural. You could almost say, that green revolution often times is far from natural. Because it creates divition. We need to make things sustainable and convenient so that everyone can benefit. Not just those who enjoy putting effort into the green side of things.

Since 2013

Ceiling & Sky

We started in 2013 and have come a long way in supporting the freedom of creativity and expression. Of course, it is all thanks to the amazing people who have been engaged and collaborated to build the whole concept. A large thanks goes to the magnificent workshops that have given the possibility for people to attend and create from all over the world. We have had participants from China, Japan, Finland, Australia, South Africa to name a few of the exotic ones. All have praiced the good availability of materials and tools that have reinforced the space that we created.

Prejudice is a barrier that is common in all of us humans, that’s why we also took the mission to break all such ways of thinking, only embracing those who dared to think new and different. While respecting experience of those who participated, we equally wanted to make that experience something that is for everyone. The result were of course totally unpredictable, which made it all much more fun.

Since 2013, we wanted to thank all the amazing people behind the scenes and on the stage of creating all the astounding art and architecture over the years. In fact, we could never thank you all enough.